Day 1

Activity: Walking

Equipment: IPhone, ear phones and sunglasses

I took off for an hour long walk on my lunch today. It was a damn near perfect fall day so why in the hell not. the issue was the building where I work sits on top of a big hill. Sure it is all fun and games walking down the hill, but once you get down there you inevitably must turn around and head back up.

I guess I was a bit upset that my fitness has suffered so much. BC (Before children) I would have stomped up that hill gleefully. I wouldn’t have hurt or breathed hard even at 230 pounds. But AC (After Children) I have changed. I have given birth to twins, suffered through congestive heart failure, a thyroid removal and a spike in depression.  To put it mildly it has been a difficult (almost 3) few years. But I have come to the determination that getting out there and moving is the most important thing.

It is not about weight. I am 262 as of this post. That is ok. I am fat. I have been fat for most of my adult life. It is who I am.

The sad thing here is I want to say I am working on losing weight, or I would be happier if I did, but again that is not the point. I want to learn to take care of my body again. It has been through hell. I think it is about time I treat it well and try to thank it for keeping me on this planet another year. I am a very lucky woman.

This is about moving my body and loving myself, period.